Brightening Hydrogel Mask Box (5PCS)


Brightening Hydrogel Mask Box (5PCS)

  • World’s First Fuse Hydrogel Mask. CADEAU Skin Clinic Hydrogel Mask Series.

    Korean Essence Extraction Technology (Patented) 

    Unleash the POWER hydrogel mask 

    Natural Essence Extracts

    • Mask encapsulates an advanced natural extracts formula that will be released into the skin once applied. 

    Lock-in Serum

    • Gel-like textured mask helps lock the serum into the skin, preventing evaporation of the serum. 

    Efficient Delivery

    • The mask allows the serum to be close to skin epidermis hence efficient delivery. 

    Solve DULL SKIN problems while reducing large pores and fine lines! 
    Reduce visible signs of aging. 
    REAL BERRY EXTRACTS - Re-boosts skin radiance and create aura glow.

    Vitamin enriched formula extracted from 10 different fruits and berries that contain antioxidant properties. It can effectively brighten up dull skin leaving you with an aura glow.