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The peak of my career with CADEAU

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Before Cadeau, I was living a very stable and comfortable life by being an insurance agent. However, due to the nature of my job I had to meet a lot of people under the sun and this caused my skin condition to deteriorate. I would have constant acne or redness which cause extreme sensitivity which got a lot worse as time went. And naturally, my confidence level went down too and I was always worried that new clients will be judgemental and might even consider me as not trustworthy.

2015, where skin problem became my biggest challenge in life.

I started to try various skincare products and it was an endless cycle where I constantly bought new skincare and ended up tossing them after just a few days of usage. After a while, a close friend recognised my problem and introduced Cadeau to me. That is the moment where everything changed. She asked me to try out and add their Hydrogel sheet mask to my usual routine and I immediately saw effects after the first few uses.

I always believed that skincare should be treated as a luxury and it is the best thing that you can give to someone as a truly good product is able to change one’s life.

What attracted me in the first place is that the brand’s vision is not just to make good quality skincare but also to empower female and enlighten them to embrace their inner beauty. After all, beauty does not only come from one’s outer appearance but it has to radiate from within too. I could not agree more and I have decided that I want speak to the founder of Cadeau.

He went on and explained his vision is also to build a brand that does not pollute the environment. All of Cadeau’s products do not contain harmful ingredients but only natural ingredients that have been carefully selected which can reduce the amount of harmful waste. With the mission on giving skincare industry a green makeover, Cadeau is produced with the most sustainable formula that aims to still protects the environment. Cadeau’s mission is not all about profit, but instead the brands aim to provide a true and honest skincare that does not sacrifice the quality of ingredients used. He adds that Cadeau is not about getting superficial quick remedy, but more on long term beauty that lasts.

2017 My skin has visibly improved

I took initiative and contacted him again to make him a proposition – of me joining the Cadeau team. Cadeau is all about positive mindset and I see the potential and I believe that such vision should be expanded.

After a period of consideration, I ended my stable well-paying insurance career and begin my journey with Cadeau.

As an avid user of skincare myself, I truly understood the suffering that most people has had with skin problems. It will not only affect how people perceive you but eventually it will affect how you perceive yourself as well. I hope that Cadeau can be the skincare brand that solve skin problems inside out.

2018 Cadeau First Showcase Event

Now after 2 years of preparation, I believe that we have a near to perfect ambassador plan. There is only one mission in this plan - to allow Cadeau’s positivity to spread and to reach out to girls from all corners that they too, can have beautiful skin and build a career out of it.

Cadeau’s expansion plan is expanding rapidly and I hope that we will be able to recruit more potential business women, resellers and most important, users to join us and I hope that you can be one of us.

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