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8 Ways to Earn Money with CADEAU

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Look great, feel great, live your life to the fullest! The CADEAU Ambassador Program helps to empower women by providing you a fulfilling and lucrative business plan. Do it part-time or go full time, the more committed you are, the more you can earn. As one of the highest rated best income plan available in the market, this plan rewards you as long as you are hardworking and passionate about the business!

First, let's check out the basics of the plan.

What is PV and GPV?



  • For the CADEAU program, you will need to accumulate RM4 to obtain 1PV.

  • All cash backs and commissions calculations will be based on PV and GPV.

  • PV consists of your personal purchases value or it can be viewed as your personal sales volume.

  • GPV is the sum of your personal PV plus your down-line recruits PV.

  • GPV and PV will reset every month.

After recognizing the difference with the individual PV and GPV, let's discover the awesome 8 ways that helps you gain income!

1. Newbie Cashback

As a new member, all your purchases for the first 30 days are entitled to a 30% cashback rate. Once your total purchases exceed (RM5,000) during the 30 days, you will unlock another 30 days for the 30% cashback.

You will be able to enjoy the 30% Newbie Cashback rate for a total of 60 days duration once it is successfully unlocked.

During the 60 days duration, do consider to be more aggressive and drive up your sales volume to maximize your profit.

2. Recruit Bonus

For every new member that you recruit (down-line), you will be entitled to a 15% commission cashback rate during their Newbie Cashback period.

Consequently, you will also get 5% commission cashback rate of the new member that they recruited (your down-line's down-line).

For as long as you get new recruits, you will be able to benefit from the Recruit Bonus.

Don't understand? Let's see some example.

A. Your down-line hit a total sales of RM2,000 (500PV) during the first 30 days of their membership.

You will be entitled 15% cut which equals to RM300.

B. Their down-line hit a total sales of RM2,800 (700PV) during the first 30 days of their membership.

You will be entitled 5% cut which equals to RM140

3. Fixed Cashback Guarantee

As our member, you will have a default 10% cashback guarantee whenever you purchase CADEAU products, with no minimum purchase value required.

You are eligible for the benefit if your sales or purchases are between RM0-RM799 (0-199 PV).

The more the purchase or sell under you account, the higher the rebate will be!

4. Team Performance Income

The Team Performance Income is the main income generator of the CADEAU system. Your commissions or rebates will be adjusted according to your team's performance.

Refer to the table below for the tiers of commissions available. Hit them together as a team under the (GPV) system.

5. New Achievement Bonus

CADEAU wants to reward you for your efforts and hard work!

Receive an one-time RM3,000 cash reward when you reach your first 7500 GPV.

If you are able to maintain 7500 GPV consecutively for 6 months, receive a one-time RM25,000 in cash reward.

Maintain 7500 GPV consecutively for 12 months, receive an extra one-time RM60,000 in cash reward!

Celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

6. Monthly Team Performance

Manage your direct down-line team to reach a monthly 1251 GPV to get a 5% rebate.


Eg: You have 5 direct down-lines and together it reaches 1251 GPV, you will unlock a 5% rebate of their PV.

Member 1: RM 2800 X 5% = RM 140

Member 3: RM 3300 X 5% = RM 165

Member 3: RM 1500 X 5% = RM 75

Member 4: RM 800 X 5% = RM 40

Member 5: RM 900 X 5% = RM 45

That's a total of RM 465

7. Trip Bonus Awards

Travel the world with your team! CADEAU offers incentives luxury trips to reward all the members that manages to hit their target.

Travel destinations includes Las Vegas, Europe and more. We will even provide pocket money for your trips!

8. Leadership Bonus

We value the leaders that helps groom team members and encourage growth. Groom your team(s) to reach 7500 GPV and unlock even more rewards!

Hit 7500 GPV per team for 10 months consecutively, and unlock rewards as below.

ONE 7500 PV Team: RM20,000 cash reward!

TWO 7500 PV Team: RM40,000 cash reward!

THREE 7500 PV Team: RM70,000 cash reward!

With the multiple income channels and benefits, what are you waiting for!

The chance does not wait for those that waiver, join us today! Contact us at for more information.

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