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5 Leadership Key of the CADEAU Team!

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

How to choose the right team and brand from the many available ones out there? See the work we put in to help our members for yourselves.

1. Placing emphasis on training

Training up a team member is like grooming a toddler into adulthood, you can't miss out the details. Join the regular training courses held by CADEAU to ensure you are on the right track and keep updates on all available info. From how to sell and recruitment, to online marketing, you will get to learn to maneuver your way to success.

2. Centralized sales info and material

CADEAU provides articles, visuals and videos materials for your usage. Download it from the online server to aid your sales pitch. Either edit them with your own flare or simply share it with your friends circle.

3. Regular Performance Review

We perform regular reviews for your sales performance to get to know and understand the problems you faced, offering you a better targeted solutions for the obstacles you are facing.

4. CADEAU Official Online Marketing

You won't be alone sharing the articles or photos as the CADEAU ambassador. Our online marketing team is working hard on Facebook, Instagram ads, promotions post and etc. Stay with us and witness our growth together!

5. Self-motivational and growth

Other than sales, we are about your overall well-being. Self-motivational and growth is a big part of our business. We want to bring a positive message to every CADEAU ambassador and their friends & families.

Stop following aimlessly, the CADEAU system goes online officially on November 2018. Join now and be one of our pioneers!

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