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 Earn 5 Figure Income With CADEAU

Unhappy with your 9-5 work routine? More and more people nowadays seem to be getting tired of the 'average salary-man' lifestyle, getting onto the entrepreneurship journey.

With all the challenges that you may face going into it alone, CADEAU wants to offer you a 1-way ticket to success, provided that you work hard, and rewarding you extensively throughout your journey.


The CADEAU Ambassador Program allows you to work away from the office and it can even be your main income channel if you focus on the business.

No more uncomfortable formal suits, no more waking up at 5am to avoid the morning traffic jam, no more bosses. Craft your own life through this program!

What is the CADEAU Ambassador Program?


To sum up the program, its is Earning through Sharing.

Share the good products with your friends, or family. Help them to solve their skin problems and help them to better their lives.

Whether it's by word of mouth, or by social media. CADEAU wants to reward you for the sharing that you will be doing.

6 Benefits of the CADEAU Ambassador Program!

1. Premium & Trusted Brand


CADEAU is a brand under Maystar Beauty Sdn Bhd. The company is established in 2011 and in just 7 years, it has become one of the biggest skin care distributor in Malaysia. And now, as multiple brand owner, with some that successfully entered retail outlets like SASA, Guardian.

2. No Stock Keeping


All products purchased will be delivered by CADEAU. Just place your order and we will do the rest! No more keeping stocks and writing consignment notes!

3. Verified Authentic & Original

giphy (1).gif

Products can be guaranteed original as it is delivered straight from the CADEAU warehouse, eliminating the worries of purchasing fake products.

4. Fixed Product Price

giphy (2).gif

You can expect a strict product pricing control from CADEAU, removing the worries of price war with other distributors.

5. Guaranteed Lowest Member Pricing


Although CADEAU products are available in famous retail chains, but CADEAU members will always purchase it cheaper than the retail prices.

6. Registered Products

(NPRA under Kementerian Kesihatan)


All our products are registered. You are within a few clicks away to verify their registration on the official site of NPRA.

How to join the CADEAU Ambassador Program?


With only RM88 membership fee that last you for 2 years, you will get 1 Complimentary product and also 1 Insurance policy worth RM10,000.


Say good bye to your normal work life and created your own business!

With 8 ways of income channel, you are on your way to a whole new and better life.


What are you waiting for?

The chance won’t wait for hesitators.



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